A dermatologist near Rancho Santa Margarita, like Alta Dermatology, is a medical practitioner who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis as well as the treatment of conditions that affect the skin, hair, sweat glands and even nails. The skin is the largest organ in the body and due to its visibility, it ideally reflects the health of the body. It also acts as a protection barrier from bacteria and injury as well.

Dermatology patients can be of any age ranging from babies to people over a hundred years. A quick fact you might want to keep in mind is that out of the 3000 dermatology conditions that are treatable, only 20 of them account for over 80% of the dermatologists workload.

There are also dermatologists who specialize in the various fields of skin care and among them are dermatologic surgeons.

So, What Does A Dermatologic Surgeon Do?

A dermatologic surgeon specializes in the use of surgical as well as non-surgical skills and techniques for diagnosing and treating various hair, nails and skin conditions including aging skin, skin cancers, unwanted fat and many more. A dermatologic surgeon such as Dr. Victoria Wang MD, is qualified to implement an array of preventive and corrective methods with an aim of keeping the skin healthy, youth looking and vibrant. As a matter of fact, dermatologic surgeons are responsible for the refinement and development of the many cosmetic and therapeutic procedures we see today.

The advancement in technology has enabled the dermatology field to take great strides in developing techniques that help these practitioners achieve cosmetically elegant yet medically effective results such as those at Alta Dermatology. Today, skin care procedures are less intense, more safe and heal quicker than ever before. This translates to cost effectiveness and more convenience.

Which Are The Most Common Treatments Done By Dermatologic Surgeons?

Acne Scar Treatment

Dermatologic surgeons have access to many treatment modalities to treat different type of acne scars. These include laser treatments, chemical peels, TCA CROSS, hyaluronic acid injectables, etc. These treatments can benefit not only texture and scarring from acne but also dark or red blemishes as well.

Chemical Peels

This is a procedure that is beneficial in the treatment of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, age spots, skin discoloration, mild acne scars, as well as dull skin texture. This procedure involves the application of a distinct chemical solution that removes the outer layers of an aged, irregular or discolored skin. Fresh skin is then generated which is often smoother and less wrinkled. This procedure was introduced decades ago, and dermatologists have perfected an array of these procedures and treatments.

Birthmark Correction and Age Spots

With chemical peels, office-based surgeries, laser and light based technologies, dermatologists like Dr. Wang have been able to advance the treatment of age spots, birthmarks, and other undesirable spots. Today, it is possible to treat many kinds of birthmark in terms of size, color, and location successfully.

Mole, Cyst and Lipoma Removals

Dermatologic surgeons are best able to remove unwanted growths in the skin like moles, cysts and lipomas. They are especially trained in advanced stitchwork like plastic surgeons. They know techniques to minimize scar and can best evaluate growths to determine the necessity of removal.

Skin Cancer

There is also the unrivaled skin cancer dermatology experts who specialize in the diagnosis, removal, closure as well as treatment of skin cancer. From simple biopsy and excisions to Mohs micrographic surgery to the preventive light therapy of precancerous growths, these dermatology experts are able to control effectively and treat cancer with early detection.
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