A dermatologist is a certified doctor specializing in hair, skin and nail health. Anyone suffering from skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and inflammation should seek help from Alta Dermatology near Las Flores. Dr. Wang is well trained to diagnose various causes of skin, hair and nail conditions. You can also seek her advice on skin or hair care products to use especially if you have sensitive skin. Although not every skin problem can be treated, conditions such as large skin pores, stretch marks, cellulite, acne and rosacea can be improved and even made to appear much better.

Some of the services provided by Alta Dermatology include:

Skin care education

Skin, being the largest body organ, needs proper care. Although most people take it for granted, the skin protects all body organs against damage and injuries. Dr. Wang educates clients on how to care for their skin. This includes making recommendations on the most effective skin and hair care products. She also advises patients on better ways to care for their skin such as applying sunscreen when heading out, as well as how to reduce exposure to factors that are a risk to skin cells.

Scar treatment

Alta Dermatology provides solutions and remedies on how to take care of scars from injuries and acne infections. Although there may be dozens of skin care and scar removal creams and lotions out there, we will prescribe an effective solution woman-visiting-dermatologist-Las-Flores-CAbased on your skin type and condition. This reduces chances of skin reaction with any of these drugs, which can contribute to skin damage as well. If you have burn-related scars, we will then refer you to a certified plastic surgeon for specialized treatment.

Specialized skin care

Stretch marks, skin discolorations, cellulite and wrinkles are a common problem for many. Although there may be all sorts of beauty products on the market, the best way to deal with these conditions is by seeing a dermatologist. Doctor Wang will evaluate the situation and then prescribe an effective treatment for the same. This is unlike trying out skincare products available over the counter, some of which aren’t for your skin type. Many of these skin conditions can be treated at our office quickly and efficiently.

Specialized nail and hair care

Ingrown nails and hair loss are common conditions today. These conditions can be due to hormonal fluctuations or a certain deficiency. Seeing a dermatologist at least once every six months can however help prevent such conditions. Hair loss may be due to inherited conditions, stress and iron deficiency. If diagnosed early enough, the dermatologist can help save you from losing your hair. Nonetheless, through a dermatologist’s help and prescriptions, you can recover from this and grow more hair. This can be achieved by using certain prescription drugs and treatment methods, as well as proper dieting.

Advice on the best diet plans for healthy skin and hair

‘You are what you eat’ may be a familiar phrase among nutritionists, but speaks volumes about your body and skin health. Eating well-balanced meals does help care for your skin and encourage the growth of healthy hair. If you wish to have a healthy youthful skin and long lustrous hair, you should then make Alta Dermatology your best friend. Dr. Wang will advise you on the best foods that help care for your skin and improve skin and hair growth. By eating well, you may  never have to worry about skin conditions (such as acne, rosacea) and hair loss.

Acne and Eczema treatment

Eczema is a chronic condition characterized by itchiness, irritation and blistered patches on the skin. Doctors take this as a first sign of allergic reactions in children and young adults. Alta Dermatology can help you treat and learn how to manage this condition. We will prescribe medications if needed to treat the condition. Acne infections are also very common in both  the young and seniors. Although acne conditions may seem alike, there are different kinds of acne infections, all which have to be treated differently. Having us take care of your condition makes it easier to treat the condition and manage it before it worsens.

7. Doctor Wang can also diagnose skin cancer early in advance and advise the patient on how to manage the same. If skin cancer is diagnosed early through screening, it will be easier to contain it as compared to when discovered at a later stage.