A dermatologist is everyone’s favorite kind of doctor in San Joaquin Hills like Alta Dermatology. They are the professionals you seek when you’re having problems with your hair, nails or skin. They can perform a variety of services and procedures. Some of them are for treating serious skin conditions and others are more cosmetic in nature. They can help alleviate the symptoms of eczema or help you get your skin looking as good as it did ten years ago – and everything in between.

Dermatologist Services We Offer in San Joaquin Hills

While a dermatologist isn’t a miracle worker, they are extremely skilled and highly trained, just as any doctor is. They go through years of schooling, training, and qualification. Alta Dermatology offers a range of services from medical, to cosmetic to surgical. We provide skin cancer and hair treatments for adults as well as children. Here are a few examples of the services that we offer.

Lasers for the Skin

Lasers have really changed a lot in the medical industry.There are a few different types of lasers and how they work on the skin is retirees-seeing-dermatologist-San-Joaquin-Hills-CAslightly different. The most commonly used laser treatments come from pulsed dye lasers, also known as V-beams.

The pulsed dye laser is a relatively simple process. It applies smooth pulses of light to target areas on the body. The pulses are very gentle compared to some other laser treatment options. It’s most effective at treating abnormal broken capillaries..

Aside from hiding unwanted broken capillaries, the pulsed laser treatment can be used to reduce the visibility of scars, discoloration, birthmarks and rosacea. It doesn’t burn or damage any of the skin around the target area. The target area may show some red discoloration for a day or two and there is a small risk of temporary bruising, but it fades away.

A single treatment is rarely enough, so you should expect multiple sessions before you see real results. The number of sessions depends entirely on the severity of the problem.

Firm Skin Again

Are you suffering from loose or droopy skin? If so, then you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Wang. She can recommend topical products and injectables that can give you a natural youthful appearance again. These treatment options work by encouraging collagen production.

Collagen helps hold the skin together and keeps it looking firm. However, as you age, your body produces less and less collagen naturally. This is most apparent in the neck and face. The only real set-back to the firming process is that it can be a bit painful to some. However, Dr. Wang makes every effort to make you comfortable with anesthetics and cold technique. Results can be immediate.